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The LaxStop®


The one and only LaxStop is the perfect solution for backyard lacrosse training. Never fear shooting for the corners again. The 10′x14′ LaxStop provides a four-foot catch zone around a regulation goal so you can fire away and never have to hunt for balls in the woods or bushes - or worry about killing the neighbor’s dog. The LaxStop is steel, free-standing, and can easily be positioned for extreme angle shots or even used in the driveway.

image of FoldFast goal

Sturdy and durable, the LaxStop is powder-coated in hunter green so it blends in with the scenery.

  • Solid and stable. Stands up to the hardest shots.
  • Built to last. Constructed from 18-gauge steel and 3 mm net.
  • Practical. No tools required for assembly.
  • Unique. Unlike other backstops, the Laxstop engulfs the goal and covers a much wider range of missed shots.

The LaxStop is only available through FoldFast Goals. Questions? Call 800-573-0621.

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