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FoldFast Is Ready When You Are

Durable, affordable, and portable - there’s no other lacrosse goal like it. The FoldFast® goal sets up in seconds, and is perfect training solution for boys youth lacrosse or girls lacrosse.

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Solid enough to take hard shots and light enough to throw in the car or garage, this full-size goal allows players to train anywhere - in the backyard, in the park, on the driveway, or on the practice field. With FoldFast’s Flexi-frame system, there are no pieces to lose or get jammed, no metal to rust and break, and the net remains permanently attached.image of FoldFast goal

The FoldFast goal is ideal for shooting practice in backyards, the gym, or other areas with limited space because:

  • The Flexi-frame system minimizes caroms that can injure unhelmeted players or damage property
  • FoldFast’s patented design makes ball retrieval easy
  • It can be folded up in seconds to clear the way for lawn mowing or other activities

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